What is it?

Adsr hails out of southwestern Ohio, and is a one man project that is nearly a decade and a half in the making. 

what does it mean?

adsr is an initialism for attack, decay, sustain, release. this is a cheeky nod to the four main parameters of envelope generators. google it. I'm using it as a sort of metaphor.

attack, in the musical sense, describes the initial increase of a sound level from zero to peak. I am using attack to describe the initial stage of a life experience, whether good or bad. the period between looking for a new car and getting a new car, or between being unafflicted and newly afflicted. 

decay in music is the period in which a sound falls from peak level to sustain level. I am using decay to describe the fall from newness to normalcy. the period between the peak of the excitement you felt from getting a new car, and the wearing off of that excitement, or the period between the initial sting of affliction, and the wearing off of that sting.

sustain in music refers to the level of the main sequence of a sound's duration. or the length of time that the sound is held before beginning to fade out. as you might suspect, I am using sustain to describe the duration of the experience. how long that new car feeling lasts. how long you are afflicted. 

finally, release in music describes the time taken for sound to decrease from sustain level to zero, or the final reduction in level over time. again, as suspected, I am using release to describe the end of something. the point at which that feeling of newness drops to not new at all, and "your new car" just becomes "your car." or from stingless affliction back to unafflicted. 

that's a lot. 

what's the point?

to create something that is an honest representation of whatever emotion I was trying to convey with sound or word, and do so in a way that resonates with those who hear it. i also wanted to not pigeonhole myself into a singular genre. I wanted to create songs that are dynamic because life is dynamic. a band might have one song that's a ballad, and another that's heavy, and another that's more mainstream, and yet another that's kind of pop. instead, I'm trying to incorporate multiple genres or aspects of them into singular songs. a ballad section, or a heavy section, instead of an entire song dedicated to hitting one mark.